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How to Find a Nanny Agency for your Family

Published on 11/6/2019

How to Find a Nanny Agency for Your Family

Stanford Park Nannies is the Bay Area’s most trusted full-service staffing agency, assisting with the placement of long-term and temporary nannies, babysitters, and household staff in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.

When you need help finding the right nanny for your family, you may want to work with a nanny agency to help you locate the right person. But how do you know which nanny agency to choose? How do you know which agencies have reputable, experienced nannies? We’re sharing some expert advice to help you choose the right nanny agency.

Look at an agency’s history and reputation

Unfortunately, there are no official regulations for founding and operating a nanny agency. Because of this, it can be tough to know which agencies are trustworthy. However, there are some steps you can take to find an agency with credibility. 

The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) is a professional membership organization for nanny agencies. They establish high standards in the nanny and household staffing industries and enforce these standards through a rigorous vetting process. The International Nanny Association (INA) has suggested standards for child care best practices. When you find the website for a potential nanny agency, take a quick look at the footer of their website. If you see membership badges for both APNA and INA, that means they’ve met the highest standards held by both organizations. You can trust that they conduct their business ethically and honestly.

You can also look at an agency’s user reviews to get a sense of how they operate. Check out the agency’s reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook. What do other families have to say about their experience? Were they happy with their nanny placement? Was the agency supportive and helpful during and after the placement process? Any business may have a one-off bad review, but if the agency has a lot of negative feedback, you may want to move onto another agency that has a better reputation. You can also search the Better Business Bureau to see the agency’s rating, and to see if any official complaints have been filed.

Consider their standards and practices

How does an agency choose nannies to join their team? How do they match you with the right nanny? A reputable nanny agency should be transparent about their nanny screening process as well as their placement process. Some agencies don’t have particular information available online, so email or call an agency if you’re curious about their practices. Also keep in mind that trustworthy agencies won’t post photos of their nannies online to prevent discrimination and to protect their privacy. 

Being open to communication and giving consistent support are other signs of a good nanny agency. Consider how quickly an agency is to respond to your questions or application to join. Do they work primarily through email, or do they also have a physical office you can call to speak to someone? Are they easy to reach by phone? Is it a local nanny agency or a nationwide organization? Keep in mind that a local agency has a smaller area to evaluate and serve, so they may have a better chance of finding a professional local nanny who meets your needs — compared to a nationwide agency with a less local search.

Listen to your “parent instinct”

Finally, don’t forget to be mindful of your instincts when choosing a nanny agency. You might find a reputable agency with stellar reviews, but maybe they brush off your questions or feel less personable. You may also find that an agency responds to your calls and emails quickly at first, but then goes silent when you’re not happy with your nanny placement. Trust your “parent instincts.”

The right nanny agency should be consistently responsive and respectful of any questions you have. Finding a trustworthy, experienced nanny is a serious task. A good nanny agency not only knows that, but helps you navigate that process with warmth, honesty, and care.

If you’re searching for a nanny agency in the Bay Area, let Stanford Park Nannies help you. Learn more about our services for families by visiting our website-!