How a New Wellness Company is Helping Tired Parents

Feeling Less-Than-Great has Become Normal for Parents

For parents, feeling less-than-great is incredibly common. Whether feeling tired, foggy, carrying stubborn weight, or generally feeling like you’ve been running with the ‘check engine light’ on for too long, it’s become so common that we take it as natural that parents feel run down.

Although it may seem normal, there probably have been many times that you’ve wished you’ve felt better. A new wave of home-to-lab wellness testing is helping parents understand how individuals’ nutrition impacts their bodies to make them feel better today, and even preventing illness down the road. At the forefront is a company called Lune, a wellness company that examines biomarkers in urine metabolome to make eating, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

The Insights in your- Ahem- Outputs

Lune’s Medical Advisor, Eve Henry, MD, explains why the company focuses on urine.  

“Each cell in your body completes thousands of metabolic processes per second. When converting food into energy—or doing whatever cellular duties each particular cell performs—cells use up metabolic inputs, and send outputs into the bloodstream.

Your kidneys filter and clean your blood to produce urine, sending excess inputs as well as byproducts out as waste. Like an assembly line, when one function isn’t working properly, inputs get backed up, outputs are slowed, and by-products accumulate.

By measuring the levels of various cellular inputs and outputs in urine, we get a an incredibly broad and accurate picture of what’s going on in many different cellular functions. This snapshot is responsive to your diet, so we can understand how what you eat affects your body over time.”

This entire picture of metabolic inputs and outputs is called the urine metabolome, and it embodies a rich source of health information with over 3,000 currently detectable metabolites, and many more coming as scientists continue discovery.

Answers to Parents’ Top Health Concerns

With 55 biomarkers, Lune’s test uncovers root causes of fatigue, stubborn weight, brain fog, bloating and digestive issues, and more. Lune Founder, CEO & Bay Area Mom, Ella Mihov says “I started this company because I was not feeling great, and my doctor said I was fine. Many of my parent friends were feeling the same way. When I found the answers I needed in functional nutrition testing, I knew I wanted to bring this solution to more people.”

Lune customers agree. Tara C. of San Mateo says “ “I decided to try Lune after my doctor’s exam and test couldn’t find a reason for me feeling off. My Lune results showed I was overreacting to carbs. After making some changes to my diet and trying their recommended supplement I’ve noticed my energy return, my mommy brain isn’t as foggy, and bonus I’ve lost some weight.”

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