Your baby’s development in their first 3 years will impact the way they learn for the rest of their life.

Did you know? Montessori is an educational approach that has been used for over 100 years and is trusted by over 20,000 schools around the world. It is ideal for babies and young children because it employs a series of toys that were designed through research to meet their developmental needs. It is comprehensive — addressing the child’s cognitive, physical, linguistic, social and emotional development.

4 Advantages of a Montessori Foundation

  1. Creativity In his book, Creating Innovators, Harvard researcher Tony Wagner describes Montessori education as a pathway to creativity, noting that some of the greatest innovators of today have a Montessori background, including the founders of Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia. Creativity is a skill that can be cultivated in the earliest years by a thoughtfully designed environment that includes a rich selection of developmentally appropriate materials and inspires learning through playful exploration.
  2. Independence When given the right tools, babies impress us with their capabilities–from feeding themselves to mastering a challenging toy. Montessori fosters independence and self-direction through the thoughtful design of each toy, the layout of the play space, and the way the adult interacts with the child. When children are given independence, they develop self-confidence and resilience. Studies show that when children have more control over their learning they work harder, perform better, retain more information, and are more creative and joyful.
  3. Perseverance Children learn best when the task in front of them doesn’t bore them with simplicity or frustrate them with difficulty, but falls somewhere in between. The Montessori curriculum is thoughtfully designed and timed so that children stay in this rewarding zone. When each new toy is introduced, the child struggles with the new skill at hand, practicing and then mastering it. This develops healthy self-esteem and a “growth mindset,” the understanding that they can improve their skills and increase their intelligence if they work through challenges. This habit will lead to greater success in school, careers, and relationships.
  4. Concentration and Flow Babies are capable of extended periods of concentration when given developmentally appropriate toys and uninterrupted time to explore. Intense, immersive concentration is known as “flow,” a state when people perform at their best, show the highest levels of creativity, and derive the most joy from their work. Montessori settings are perfect for this because they provide a rich environment, simultaneous physical and cognitive engagement, the opportunity for self-direction, and the appropriate amount of challenge.

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